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Introducing The Drop Leaf Dining Table

Mankind is endlessly inventive and so many great little ideas make our lives easier in ways we don't even think about. So let's hear it for whoever dreamed up the drop leaf table. They didn't get a civil award or a Nobel Prize for their efforts, but they may have received a pat on the back and some kind words.

What we do know is that drop leaf tables have been in existence since the 1600s in England and the Earl of Pembroke refined the idea in the early 18th century with what is now known as a Pembroke table. But he didn't invent it. The first drop leaf tables in Australia probably appeared a century or so later.

That's the history, or rather the origin, but the important thing is that the drop leaf table is still with us and still a brilliant space-saving idea. Take the round drop leaf table, for instance. The round shape has a number of advantages over the rectangle, but it does tend to take up a bit of room because however you position it, it's kind of in the way. You can't turn it sideways and put it flat against the wall. But if it's got a drop leaf, you can, and if it's got two drop leaves, the horizontal space it takes up can be reduced dramatically.

Is there a variety of styles in Drop Leaf Tables?

Indeed there is - a wide variety, and because at Ashley Furniture we aim to have something for everyone, in our online catalogue and our showrooms you will find several options, from the rustic and charming to the more formal and elegant. We do that so we can provide all our customers with something that will fit in with their individual style. If you're creating an upmarket vibe in your home, we've got that covered and equally, if you're going for the cabin-in-the-woods look, we can tick that box too.

How do I Browse, Order and Pay?

It's entirely up to you. If it's convenient you can pop into one of our showrooms and spend some time admiring our dark wood dining tables while imagining them at your place. Or you can do much the same thing online, checking out the style and the finish, making a note of the dimensions and brandishing the tape measure at your leisure to make sure it's going to fit. Then you can order and pay online - and we provide a tracking system just like the couriers do, so you can see where your table with bench and chairs are and when they're going to be arriving at your property.

Are There Credit Options for Round dropleaf tables?

We know rectangular dining tables can be a big outlay, and even though we keep our prices low because we believe in giving value for money, we appreciate that many people would prefer to spread the cost rather than forking out the whole amount up front. For that reason, we have several credit options to lessen the immediate impact. You can even work out what your repayments will be right here on our website. And that brings the drop leaf table right up to date.